This is where the fun begins!  To begin building your closet confidence, I'll come to your home, and together we'll go through your closet.  Let's determine the pieces that work for you, the ones that need tailoring and those to let go.  Items that no longer serve you can be consigned or donated to make room for fresh new pieces. I am an organizer and merchandiser by nature, and helping you organize and create a beautiful closet space will make getting dressed an experience you will look forward to everyday. My role is to provide you with choices and recommendations based on years of positive image-making through wardrobe and to guide you through an empowering experience. 


Once our closet therapy session is complete, we can have some fun shopping. After years of styling on high-pressure and sets  and for high-profile clients,  I can share industry tips and secrets on the art of shopping efficiently.  There are many ways in which we can shop for your stylish day-to-day wardrobe or for a special event. I can shop and bring clothing back to you. I can pre-pull items ahead of time for you, and all you need do is show up. Or, we can shop together. The choice is yours. And while I have many favorite buying sources and stores, I will figure out which stores suit you best. Another convenient option, is to coordinate your personalized collection remotely, utilizing online shopping sites, so you can view a curated shopping collection from the comfort of your own home.    


Next, I come to your home again and build new looks from new and old pieces and we decide what to keep and how to put it all together.  I love working new items into a wardrobe and suggesting multiple way to combine, style and accessorize.  I will photograph complete looks to create a gallery for your reference whenever you get dressed.  


Send me an email at and we can set up an initial meeting or phone conversation.  From there I can assess your needs and come up with a plan to fit you and your budget.  Wardrobe is a great way to express oneself and feel good walking out into the world.  I love working with people to find their style and help them have confidence to dress with ease.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Sharon for the past two years and I have nothing but great things to say about her and her process.  She helped me be brave enough to get rid of items I was just holding on to because I thought maybe I’d wear them “someday”.  She then helped me develop a new wardrobe that is timeless, useful, and ME!  She worked within my budget, my own personal style, and incorporated many of the pieces I already owned (and should’ve been wearing).     I’ve saved time and $$ working with Sharon because I no longer shop aimlessly and wastefully.  I shop with a purpose.   She is someone I see working with for a very long time.     -S. Baker- Executive Director- Investments

I always enjoy working with Sharon.  She listens to my concerns and also brings her own ideas to the table too.  She is a tireless worker; her thoughtful approach to wardrobe styling is both creative and professional.  Nobody wants to look just like everyone else, Sharon's honed intuition makes sure you don't.     -M. Price

I have had the most wonderful experience with Sharon Williams personal wardrobe styling! She has literally saved me two times -- both times on a very short notice. On the first occasion, Sharon created the perfect outfit and look for me when I had to go on as a guest on a TV show. The second time, I was going to a movie premier and I wanted to look absolutely fabulous - she dressed me in a fitted black dress that made me look gorgeous, added a vintage leather jacket that I fell in love with and gold classy heels. I felt amazing! While she has transformed my look when I was in desperate need, what I appreciate most of all is Sharon's professionalism, grounded, calm and loving manner. I am not a fan of shopping or dressing up and in fact, these situations can cause anxiety for me. Sharon made me feel instantly welcome and calm. She even made it fun! I felt so taken care of. Sharon goes above and beyond and is not only an amazing stylist with an incredible sense of style, she is also a reliable and personable business woman. I cannot recommend her more!    -M. Miernowska